Activist Rabbi focusing on keeping the memory of the holocaust alive. Never again should innocent people of any race be slaughtered. We Shall Not Forget!

Never Forget!

I became a rabbi to aid the living, to ensure our survival; to rekindle the Jewish flame.  I am proud; proud of my heritage, proud of our strength, and proud of my beloved parents.
Contrary to what we are told, the passage of time does not ease our pain, nor does it diminish the scope of the horror that was the Holocaust.
Oh yes, there are those, few in number, who feel that it is psychologically healthier to avoid reminders that keep painful and unpleasant events alive.  Why subject our young to the brutal story of Nazi bestiality toward the Jewish people?  What purpose will it serve?  It would be wiser not to talk about it so that it can disappear.
Never!  We must never stop telling this story.  Tell it we must, in every gory detail!  We must do this because it is our sacred duty to alert them…

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