True story. One day while teaching at a local Yeshiva, I was in the teachers room on break, and said to one of the teachers as I was leaving the room, » you look nice today. » Big mistake. After teaching I was called into the principal’s office and told this teacher reported me. I am not crazy, I did nothing wrong, but she felt it was important to hurt a fellow human being.

No thought of the embarrassment or consequences. The principal was my friend and nothing happened.


At… my former synagogue a music teacher was accused of molesting a child while giving a piano lesson. The man had aspergers disease and did not know how to defend himself. His attorney was unfamiliar with the disease.

In the end he was put in prison and his father spent a fortune on lawyers and went bankrupt. I visited him in prison.

The warden had decided to take him off all medications and he was catatonic . In the end another attorney proved him innocent. I don’t defend anyone who is found guilty of rape or molestation.

I am only saying many times the accused is not guilty. Last night a man who served forty years in prison for rape was released because of error. It is my experience that in these cases the authorities don’t relent and attempt to convict these people again. 

Are men pigs?
Back in the quaint days when sex abuse scandals broke weekly instead of daily, both Time Magazine and……

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg


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